Manufacturing of agricultural machine parts Print E-mail

Agrikon Alfa Kft has been supplying the dutch and the danish factory of Kverneland Group with welded machine parts
and other components for machines of high technical standards for more than a decade now.
This job is being implemented as an “A” class supplier for the below mentioned machine groups:

  • Grass mower machines
  • Chemical fertilizer spreader
  • Mounted sprayer machines
  • Trailed sprayer machines

Manufacturing is carried out by the designs of our clients and our own designs. The serial production of 403 Forbidden the products is made by up-to-date machines
(laser cutting machines, CNC nibbling machine, CNC press brakes) and by consumable metal electrode welding and AWI welding methods.
Our service is of good quality at a competitive price.
We are doing our utmost for the satisfaction of our clients and the agreed delivery times are kept accurately in accordance with contract.
We are continuously developing our production management system, our technology, manufacturing processes for reaching a higher level of productivity.